Our premium Tooth Fairy Certificates package comes with a whole lot of cool stuff. Like a variety of Tooth Fairy certificates, envelopes, door hangers, and more. Its may be your one stop for all your Tooth Fairy printable needs.

We have selected a few items from our premium package to give away for free!

Free "Lost First Tooth" Certificates

Your child will only lose only one first tooth! Commemorate this special event with these "1st Lost Tooth" certificates, completely free! These designs are similar to our standard certificates (in the premium package).

Free "Dear Tooth Fairy" door hanger printable

Ensure the Tooth Fairy doesn't forget to come visit with this cute door hanger. It comes in both blue and pink. Just fill in the blank to explain where the tooth is (under the pillow, on dresser, etc.) This is just one printable in our larger premium printable set.

Free "The Tooth Fairy was here" door hanger

After the Tooth Fairy makes her visit, she can leave this cute "The Tooth Fairy was here" door hanger. This is just one printable in our larger premium printable set.

Free Blank Note

Does the Tooth Fairy have something creative she wants to say? Something more specific that no "template" can handle? Then have her speak her mind with this blank note signed by The Tooth Fairy. This is just one printable in our larger premium printable set.

The download will be a Zip file that contains PDF files. 

  1. Download
  2. Unzip package
  3. Open up a PDF and print

These free PDFs are a small sample of our full premium package. The full package includes:

  • 5 all purpose certificates, each in pink or blue for a total of 10
  • 5 similar certificates, tailored to be for your child's first lost tooth. (Download for free above)
  • 1 blank letter for writing a message by hand (Download for free above)
  • 3 envelope designs (for optionally putting your certificate into an envelope)
  • 2 door hangers -- One for asking the Tooth Fairy to come visit. Another for the Tooth Fairy to leave after leaving a certificate and money. (Download for free above)
  • 2 fun bank checks. Use this if you don't want to actually leave cash.
  • 1 tooth chart. Log when the tooth was lost, the amount of payment, or whatever!

More printables will be created over time. Your purchase will include a persistent download link so you can download the latest printables any time. (Be sure to keep your emails after purchase so you have this link!)