Yes, our site offers a collection of great Tooth Fairy printables (certificates, door hangers, and more), but maybe you're looking to go the extra mile when your special one loses a tooth. Our printables can easily be used in conjunction with the following creative ideas and products, hand picked by Tooth Fairy Booth.

Tooth Fairy pillows

These cute pillows are 6"x8", and the name personalization is included for free. Choose from dozens of themes, for example "Ladybug", "Princess", "Fairy", "Football", etc. Shipping is USA only. 

Small Tooth Fairy bags

These are nice little bags/pouches for the Tooth Fairy to put the money in. You can personalize them with your child's name.

Tooth Fairy Miniature Door

Have a magical door for the Tooth Fairy to come through! This door is a kit that includes a door, wood, metal, and mounting putty. It's unfinished so you'll need to paint it yourself. This ships world wide from the USA

Tooth Fairy Box

Store your child's lost teeth in this cute wooden box. Styles for both boys and girls. These are made to order with custom laser engraving. 

Tooth Fairy Rubber Stamp

With this rubber stamp, you can easily stamp paper money, or even our own printables. Or instead of ink, stamp into a glue pad and sprinkle with glitter! The stamp is 2"x1.5", and Includes 3"x5" Draw-string Muslin Bag.